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Customer Service

Rua Cajuru nº 511/523 - Belenzinho
São Paulo - SP - Zip Code: 03057-000
Telephone: +55 (11) 2291-8622
+55 (11) 2291-8076 / 2291-3222



...PAEM is a manufacturer of fully lubrication-free rotating vacuum pumps with graphite vanes.

...Our company is 100% national and operates in the market since 1972, always using leading edge technology and plenty of research to offer good quality products.

...We are also distinguished by our permanent technical assistance, where our highly qualified technicians work in the retrofitting of PAEM’s and imported vacuum pumps.

...We have a wide stock of spare parts that includes vanes, filters, valves, ball bearings, rotors, etc. and we serve all clients that need products for PAEM’s and imported vacuum pump,

...Our vacuum pumps have a flow capacity of 10 to 140m³/h (166 to 2,320 l/min), and a vacuum capacity of 400 to 600 mm/Hg (15 to 23” Hg).

...Among others, we serve furniture companies, hospitals, vacuum forming, printing  and packaging segments.



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